Update on next Cosmic Endeavor installment

Mon, Jul 29, 2019 9:17 AM

If you've been keeping up on my blog, you would have noticed that I've been pumping out some content over the past couple of weeks. I'm happy to announce that I'm approaching the completion of the first draft for the sequel to Power Initiates. Now, this doesn't mean that the story is anywhere near printing yet, but it is an important step along the way.

That being said, I thought I'd go over some of the additions we'll be seeing in the next book. Spoiler-free, of course. I'll be doing in-depth articles for each of these subjects in the coming weeks, so let me know which section you're interested in the comments and I'll see if I can move it up on the list.

The Setting

This second book takes place three years after the final events of Power Initiates, almost to the day. When we find Illandra, we find that she's in the middle of planning an anniversary for the defense of the first Cenari invasion. Race has been training his abilities all this time and finds things to be uncomfortably quiet.


New Characters

There are some new characters joining the story, three of which are noteworthy.

The first of these characters is a new green citizen that will be joining Illandra's political team, Conner Donald. Unlike the usual United Galactic Republic citizens, Connor was raised in the Euro-Alliance.

Another character being introduced is Eldredge Foster. Eldredge is an older green citizen, or he would have been had he not rejected citizenship to live in the outer colonies with his brother Mordred. El and Mor have come to find themselves caring for a camp of non-citizens. Without means to support them, El regularly leads raids on a nearby Republic mining outpost.

The last new character I'd like to introduce you to is a pop star named Rikki-T (pronounced Rickety). Rikki is actually a clone. In the Cosmic Endeavor universe, clones have limited lifespans, and for a person to earn their next clone, they have to prove themselves as worthy contributors to society. Which brings us back to Rikki, who has wasted her latest incarnate, all but ending her infinite recyclable life. Suddenly faced by the mortality of her choices, Rikki sees a chance to steal another cycle by latching onto Race's war hero fame.


The Euro-Alliance and the Pirates

We get our first look into the last of the three galactic governments, the Euro-Alliance. If you recall, there Euro-Alliance was absent in the first book. With the recent events, the President of the United Republic is concerned about the unusual quite coming from the Euro-Alliance. Do they have something to hide? He thinks it's worth sending someone to find out.

As we discussed with the introduction of Eldredge, we'll also take a look into what happens to people that decided to not accept citizenship. These people are referred to as pirates due to their lack of affiliation. Because they have no citizenship with any government, they are not entitled to many of the benefits or rights of normal citizens. This also leaves them exposed to be taken advantage of.

The Other Stuff

Beyond what's happening above, there is plenty of wonderful things going on inside the story. New planets, new spaceships, new battles, and new psychic powers. All in all, it's very exciting and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!


Which of these new additions are you looking forward to in the sequel to Power Initiates? 

Let us know in the comments!