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New Updates coming to site

The site is about to get some much needed updates

If you missed it, the new book is live on Amazon!

If you haven't been paying close attention, you might have missed it. The second book in the Cosmic Endeavor series is now live on Amazon!

The site now has notifications!

You can now get notifications whenever I add a post or open the chat up.

B.R.A.G Medallion Award

Power Initiates has received it's first award, the B.R.A.G Medallion from indieBRAG

Official Announcement

Draft for book 2 is out for Editing

Error with newsletter sign ups

An error with the newsletter sign ups has been resolved.

New Places to See in the Cosmic Endeavor-verse

A show at some of the new places in the universe in the Cosmic Endeavor sequel to Power Initiates.

Returning Characters and New Comers

A look into the important characters in the sequel to Power Initiates.

Update on next Cosmic Endeavor installment

Get your first insight to what's been going on in the Cosmic Endeavor as I reveal some some of the details of the next installment!

Power Initiates Featured on BRU

Did you know that my first book has been featured at The Book Review Universe?

You should check it out

Power Initiates on sale now!

Power Initiates, Book 1 of A Cosmic Endeavor, is now available to buy from your favorite online book store!

Updated cover image

Well, the final draft of the cover is in.

Cover Draft

After much anticipated waiting, I finally received the first draft.

Blog site is now live!

This site that you're now on is live and working