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Cosmic Endeavor
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Chronicles: A Cosmic Endeavor is a science fiction story that takes place about 350 years after the discovery of faster than light travel, where mankind is starting to take his place among the stars. The governments of Earth have joined together to form three galactic entities, each claiming their own section of space.

The main story arc follows the young couple Race Allard and Illandra Page as they graduate from high school and apply to the United Galactic Republic. Due to their unique gifts, they are forced into positions where they are often working together, and sometimes against each other. Race takes the career of a United Republic Space Marine, where he joins a special ops team that also specialize in research and development. Illandra pursues a job in the field of politics and is asked to be a personal assistant to one of the most powerful representatives in the United Republic.

Creative Blog
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This site here that you looking at.

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Pokecalc is a tool for people that play Pokemon Go to help them keep help optimize the amount the evolution to get the most experience. It does this by keeping track of the Pokemon the user has capture and candies counts.

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Restronauts is a search engine for connecting diners with new and favorite restaurants. The Restronauts database pulls information from three sources for improved results: Google places data, community members, and restaurant owners. The Restronauts engine is different than a standard Google search because it combines tags and other search elements to make sure that you get the best results.

The Restronaut experience doesn't stop at just helping the community find a place to eat. After deciding on a dining choice, community members have a chance to review restaurant information and improve the database accuracy for other members. For their contributions, community members earn points. While points are currently arbitrary, there are plans to have community members turn in points for rewards in the future.

Other Project
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Other smaller projects not big enough to merit their own section or just starting out.