New Places to See in the Cosmic Endeavor-verse

Mon, Sep 23, 2019 3:39 AM

Sorry it's been a little bit since my last post, lots of stuff going on.

As I've promised in my preliminary article about the upcoming book, I'm breaking down some the upcoming book in the Cosmic Endeavor series. I already talked about the characters in my last post, so this time, we're going to look at places.

Revisited Places

The good thing about an expanded universe is all the places the characters get to visit, and sometimes return to. In the upcoming book, we don't revisit too many places. The book does start out in the subsection of the Taurus space station that was attached to the alien space craft in the nebula on the United Galactic Republic and Imperial Consortium border. Illandra also returns home to the planet of Gallilei when working to start her political career.

Now, on to the good stuff.

New Places


Say hello to the capital planet of the UGR. The planet is covered with mega-structures, except for the place of the Tri-Pillars, the three government building each belonging to a branch of the government. In the center are the the gardens, used for ceremonies and safe zone for the different officials to meet and discuss issues.


Ruston is a mining colony near the planet Newton. On the outer edge of Republic space, the colony harvest fuel from the moon commonly used for space travel. The outer colonies are where non-citizens usually go to find work. Because the people have rejected citizenship, they are not entitled to any of the basic rights guaranteed to Republic citizens, including a living wage, standard medical care, clean food and water, and basic shelter. The Foster brothers have taken in the refuges and organised them to survive. They do this by raiding colonies like Ruston, gaining the unwanted attention of the colony's owner.

These people are being taken advantage of, and when Race and team end up in the colony following a lead, they find themselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Can Race find a way to help out the suffering people of Ruston while still accomplishing his mission?

Alpha Prime and the Euro-Alliance

In Power Initiates, we got to see two of the three major governments in the Cosmic Endeavor universe. In the next book, we'll get a peek at the last of the three, the Euro-Alliance. Illandra gets a special request to look into the Euro-Alliance and their lack of support in the first Cenari attacks.

To do this, she goes to the Capital Planet, Alpha Prime. This also happens to be the home planet of her mentor, Anthony Martin, and her new assistant, Conner. Things look fine on the surface, but what is underneath may change everything we know about the Cosmic Endeavor Universe.

URS Allard

Since the Cenari invasion and Race's disappearance at the end of Power Initiates, nearly three years ago, Annette has been working on a new line of military ships integrating technology from the Republic, trashed Cenari vessels, and Tranagra's space ship in the nebula. The new line of space fairing vessels will be faster and more powerful than any Republic ship currently in service, ready to take on the next Cenari attack or Republic threat.

The first of these experimental ships is named after the war hero from the first invasion, Race Allard. Who else did you think Annette would name it after?


Which one of these are you looking forward to?