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Destiny's Call

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Three years after the body-snatching nano-virus named the Cenari attempted to take over the known universe, peace has been restored. Citizens have moved on with their lives, barely aware of the menacing threat they actually faced, they only know who they owe their thanks to: missing in action Marine Chief Race Allard, Ambassador Illandra Page, and their group of friends. Many still eagerly await the missing soldier's return.

After pushing back the alien nano-virus, Race knew the enemy’s retreat was only temporary. To be ready for their return, Race knew that he would have to develop and understand the psychic powers awakened in the initial attacks. After three years of training in isolation, Race is ready to return for the next phase of the battle.

As an ambassador of the United Galactic Republic, Illandra used her involvement with the Cenari destruction to broker a new relationship with the Imperial Consortium that benefits both governments. Her accomplishments have gained her much fame as she now sets her sights on the next stages of her political career.

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Power Initiates

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Illandra and Race were high-school sweethearts. They did what everyone else did after graduation and applied for citizenship in the United Galactic Republic, never expecting to both be accepted into an elite class of citizens. They quickly discover that the elite class is really a secret program founded to discover the next evolution of humanity: those gifted with psychic powers.

As the couple splits to discover each other’s places in the cosmos, they find that their fates are constantly intertwined. When a terrorist attack uncovers an ancient alien structure, their unique powers are the best hope of discovering what happened to the alien species and putting a stop to the radical movement.