Returning Characters and New Comers

Sun, Aug 25, 2019 12:22 PM

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a brief preview of what I've been working on with the upcoming 2nd installment in the series. As a follow-up, I wanted to go into a little more depth into each of those items.  By the title of this article, you've likely guessed the subject of this post. A look at the characters in the second book, both new and returning. So let us get into it.

Returning Characters

Most of the characters from the first book are back in the squeal. This includes Race, Illandra, Annette, Zain, Konway, Tranagra, and even Tso. Anthony makes a brief appearance, but he's recently retired and enjoy life reconnecting with his wife.  There are even some returning minor characters from the first novel. Jazz, Illandra's old friend, has joined her team of assistants, which also includes Illandra's first aid, Kaylee. Race's fellow green citizen, Henry Straum, is also back, filling in for Race while he was out.

New Characters


Conner is a recently discovered green citizen who is primed to join Illandra's team of consultants. Conner is a specialist in public relations, and he's looking to use his expertise to support Illandra as she makes her first bid for public office. Unlike most United Republic citizens, Conner was born a child of the Euro Alliance. Upon graduating, he took the Republic entrance exam to see what prospects would be available for him, a common practice for most people, even outside the United Galactic Republic. Receiving his green card, there was no question as to what he'd do next. His powers, however, are a new type. What are they? Well....


I mentioned Rikki in the previous post, and I have to say that she is becoming one of my favorite characters, despite her disposition. Rikki-T is a clone of a popular pop star, maybe even someone famous today. 

To truly understand Rikki, we need to dive into the history of cloning in the CE universe. Cloning humans is a very controversial subject, so it makes sense that it would continue to be so. Thus, the government put in strict regulations around the process. Initially, the approval for being a candidate of cloning was that you had to be a person that had to have some meaningful contribution to the world. The people that would be considered for this would be people like Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. These people are so obsessed with making the world a better place (which is to their credit) that they spend little effort building up the monetary wealth that would be needed to fund the cloning process.

Enter in the wealthy elites. With the money to fund the project, they contribute to charities, found non-profits, and just pay people to do good deeds in their name to qualify them for the cloning process. Their money funds the technology, advancing genetic engineering for perfect bodies and eventually even to the point of memory transfer, basically gaining immortality, as long as they can keep the cycle going.

Which brings us back to Rikki-T. Rikki-t has had several clone cycles, and the past couple of times, she's managed to barely scrape by. But this time, she's slacked off too much, and she knows it. With her cycle's trial quickly approaching, Rikki sees her immortality quickly coming to an end. 

That is, until the day of a government ceremony that Rikki has volunteered to perform for. Originally there in hopes of gaining some powerful influence for her upcoming trial, she comes to face with her jackpot. When Race shows up and defuses a hostile situation, Rikki-T sees the opportunity she's been waiting for. She quickly hatches a plan to attach herself to Race, seemingly guaranteeing success at her trial.

Eldridge Foster

Nearly twenty years ago when Eldridge applied for citizenship, he was surprised by the green citizenship card he received. Unfortunately, he didn't have any desire for military life, which was the only option left to him. Instead, Eldridge followed his brother's example and rejected citizenship and joined his brother in the outer colonies. Seeing the condition of life that had forsaken the other non-citizens, Eldridge and his brother work to organize the people and help them survive. This includes raiding local mining facilities, which keeps them alive but gains him the unwanted attention of the facility owner. After petitioning for many years, the magistrate's requests are finally heard, and one Race Allard is sent to investigate.  But there is much more going on in the colony then expected.


What can I tell you about this character without giving away any potential spoilers? ...Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sorry, I think you're going to have to wait to meet her.

That does it for all the significant characters being introduced. I hope you're as excited about the upcoming novel as I am. 

What characters are you looking forward to seeing in the sequel to Power Initiates? 

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